Thursday, March 10, 2005

Body Movin'

New digs! The Joy!

We finally moved out of the upstairs unit I've inhabited in one way or another for the past several years and into a real house with a huge backyard, garage, and two bedrooms. Check it out:

It may not look like it's all that, but give it some time. I just got there and have been busy painting the inside, not to mention devoting all my finances to travel and a new stereo system. I scored a bunch of paint for free so will be painting the outside soon as well. Considering what I was able to do with my last place,
I think I'll be able to work something up for this one. We've already had some excellent barbecues. Last week I used the last of the miso paste (not soup base) that I bought in Shirakawago and barbecued whole trout on magnolia leaves. They were superb. The miso paste from the Hida-Takayama area is not what you would call sublime either--it's punchy, crunchy, and stimulating. I used what was left over and 'cued up a boneless leg of lamb which I've been enjoying for the past few days.


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