Monday, March 14, 2005

Monday, Monday...

It's Monday and I'm back to work. Translation: time to blog on the clock. Well, not literally, but it is the company's internet I'm using.
It was a rare work-free weekend for me. So, I painted the house and did a bunch of yard stuff that had been waiting for me to get to it. Foodwise it was unremarkable, except for two meals.
Friday night we went to Yuet Foo, our favorite seafood restaurant. Instead of the usually frosty reception we're used to we were greeted with smiles and drinks in hand. I guess the constant good tipping is getting noticed! We ordered fried oysters (Oysters can really only be done two ways in my book - fresh or fried. Screw the BBQ version. If you have an oyster that's so big it needs to be barbecued, you've got too big an oyster), two geoduck clams (one with XO sauce and one with ginger/scallions) and "Salt and pepper calamari" (which turned out to be deep fried calamari). Yuet Foo never disappoints in the food arena. The only thing we've had there that we didn't really like was the fried jellyfish. Such a weird texture. I'm sure millions of people love it, but if you didn't grow up with it this probably isn't for you.
Then, last night, we had a small barbecue. We made more of the stock-and-water rice (but this time used all golden rice), and I 'cued one brine cured pork chop (regular pork chops are a snooze, but these are incredible) and two boudin blanc sausages. E. made a stir fry with kael, bok choy, leeks, onions, garlic and oyster sauce. I added some Yank Sing hot bean sauce because she likes it spicy. Everything turned out great and we both have enough for lunch today.


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Yuet Foo and you didn't call yer ununcle? Hmm, geoducks.

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