Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Spring Skiing

We didn't end up trying that lamb dish. Instead, E. brought home two liberty duck legs and made an INCREDIBLE meal with them. The secret was to pan-fry them first and then bake them for about 1/2 hour.

The St. Patrick's day party on Friday night was a huge success. I had no idea we had that kind of draw. Or, maybe people just came for the five pounds of brisket we made! We also braised some cabbage and roasted about ten pounds of potatoes. It was absolutely great. The only problem was that our ~40 guests were so ravenous that we barely got to taste the food.

I decided that it was o.k. to continue the beef eating all weekend. I do this about once or twice a year, usually around this time. I usually don't eat beef because a: I don't prefer it and b: Reagan deregulated the beef industry in the 1980s, thereby opening up the floodgates (as it were) for bovine fecal matter's being allowed into beef. Remember all the people getting e. Coli from Jack in the Box in the nineties? They weren't eating the chicken sandwiches, folks.
Anyways, since I was food-slumming, I decided to get the slummiest of the beef choices out there. E. and I went skiing/snowboarding for the weekend, and to energize myself for a day on the slopes I ordered chicken fried steak and eggs with biscuit and gravy at our new favorite restaurant in the central Sierras, Bear Ridge. It was awesome. However, it was so huge I couldn't finish it and had to leave most of it. Then at the lodge around lunchtime I ate a hot dog. I don't know why I like the hot dogs they serve there, they are just pretty damned good.

And what skiing!! Saturday and Sunday dumped two FEET of snow on the central Sierras. Monday morning came and so did the sun, so we high-tailed it up there to enjoy the scads of fresh powder. We were such wimps though, although we both work out every day we could only handle about five hours of skiing. We also took a few rough tumbles so that added to the fatigue. All in all it was the best day of boarding I've had all winter.

Tuesday night we returned home. We decided to go out to dinner since we won't be doing it again soon due to budgetary constraints. I re-discovered an old favorite, Phuping Thai in the 99 ranch mall in El Cerrito/Richmond. The food was as incredible as ever. When we got the bill I remembered why I haven't been there in years. For four dishes and two beers it was seventy dollars. Ack!

I did not get a chance to try my pomegranite curry this weekend. I realized I would like to do it Chu-Chee style, but no one sells Chu-Chee curry paste. Therefore it must be a variation on some kind of paste (probably red or panang). I will look into recipes.


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