Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like the Creative Process

Here is the unedited string of recipe/ingredients for what I plan to make tonight, as sent in e-mail to E (she graciously volunteered to do the shopping):

From: Dr. Five Pints
To: Undisclosed-recipients

Here come the list:
meang kum:
Galanga (in the veg. section wrapped up, sometimes called 'white ginger'
fermented shrimp paste (this'll be on the thai aisle above your head next to the crab paste. if someone else is buying, get both.)
cocount (dry or fresh if you want to dry it)
dry roasted peanuts
palm sugar (get the kind that looks like nilla wafers - also on the Thai aisle)
coco milk
tamarind crab:
two big crabs - check make sure they have their legs
peanut oil or kimbo oil - whatever you want to use for deep frying. kimbo is that cheap oil in the yellow container that I always get.
baby/regular leeks

Tom Yam Goong:
1# fresh Tiger prawns
kaffir lime leaves
traw mushrooms (canned are fine for this)
Thai chilis (get the small green ones bagged, near the lemongrass)
4-6 limes
Black Chili Paste (nam prik pow)
cilantro (if you think your parents can take it)
suggestions: get Nam Prik Pow and kaffir lime leaves at the Thai mart.

Ingredients consolidated:
thai chilis (green, bagged, small)
4-6 limes
cilantro (maybe)
galanga ('white ginger')
baby/regular leeks
2 crabs
one pound fresh tiger prawn

Container items:
Nam Prik Pow (black chili sauce)
Coconut milk (get a LOT pls.)
Shrimp Paste/Crab Paste
Palm Sugar (in a plastic jug or bag)
Cocount (plastic bag)
peanut / Kimbo Corn oil
Kaffir Lime Leaves (in the frozen section in Thai market)
Would be really nice -> Kaffir Lime
That should do it.


Blogger drbiggles said...

Man, after reading that I think I'm going to make Cheerios for the family tonight. You mentioned you had a job, it must not take much time during the day. Or do you eat late? Sorry if I'm slurring my words, my jaw in still on the gwound.


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