Monday, June 19, 2006

i am NOT obsessed with Dutch oven cooking

No matter what Sam from Becks and Posh says, I am NOT obsessed with Dutch oven cooking.

I'm obsessd with good Dutch oven cooking. (insert smiley emoticon here).
This weekend, E and I decided to make shepherd's pie in the DO while we were camping by the McCloud river in Northern California. All of the images are clickable with much larger versions avialable - blogger limits the size and amount of images in each post, yay.

Above is our idyllic campsite, chosen because Fowler's campground was all full up this weekend. We got the un-sharpened end of the stick this time though, the campground's water was contaminated with E. coli thanks to the beef ranchers upstream, so camping was free! We had brought our own water and so we got to stay in a double lot for the price of zero automobiles. I cleaned off the grill with my new brush asbestos I could and fired up the coals. Laid the pork out on it and foil-wrapped potatoes directly in the coals, as below:

Our plan had been to cook a gigantic leg of lamb and use its meat to
make the pie with. However, someone decided that the best thing to do
with our lamb was forget it at home. So instead we got this awesome leg
of swine and planned to brown it on the grill then braise it with the sauce
we made of red wine, duchesse de borugogne Belgian trappist ale, onions,
vegetable stock, and herbs. Running low on coals, we made use of my camp stove, shown above, to provide the bottom heat for the small Dutch oven. True, that's not International Dutch Oven Society-sanctioned, but this also wasn't a competition -- just good, clean fun (though I wouldn't call it sober in any way!!) Below you can see the detail of the awesome braising sauce we made:

As we were using my smallest Dutch oven, the leg had a lot of incidental contact with the roof, wich turned out to be an unintentional bonus. Look how nice and brown it got on all sides--early in the experiment I had worried that it would even get cooked all the way.

Due to the aforementioned limit on image quality and quantity, you will have to tune in next time to see how it all turned out.


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Blogger thebetterof2evils said...

aw man, why couldn't that have been YOUR leg instead.

11:35 PM  

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