Monday, June 19, 2006

still not obsessed...(i.a.n.o.w.D.o.c. part 2)

Sometimes when you're not sure, you've just got to take the plunge.

Above is the gorgeously cooked pork leg we intended to use in our shepherd's pie. Did I forget to mention that E impregnated it with cloves of garlic before we braised it? Well, she did. I can tell you that a lot of this baby did not make it into the pie, it was so f'n good.

To make the sauce the meat was added to in the photo above, we strained out the braising sauce (using out potato ricer, no less) then added the remainder of the vegetable stock and ale and boiled it down for a while. Then we added the meat, and eventually the vegetables:

We then got the potatoes that we had previously removed from the fire, took off the aluminum foil, peeled them, and riced them into mash. The mash was added to the top of the pie:

Meanwhile, E was making her signature Challah bread that won us 1st place at the non-sanctioned competition in Fall River Mills two weeks ago. It came out great:

And, for the coup de grace (no, the 'C' is not silent, America), we reveal the shepherd's pie! The extra heat on the bottom towards the end made the gravy boil up a bit too much through the top, but the end result is a pie not to be messed with.

How good was it, Johnny? In truth, I'm still eating it today. The next day, we were shepherds and got the flock out of there.


Blogger chilebrown said...

Most excellent. That water must have been cold.

7:47 AM  
Blogger Dr. Jones said...

DAMN it ws cold but it was fun!!!

9:53 AM  
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